We are excited to announce that this week is the official launch of SIPHER at the Royal Society in Edinburgh. SIPHER is a major new research consortium which seeks to support a shift from “health policy” to “healthy public policy”. This means all policy sectors working together to improve the health & wellbeing of the population and reduce inequalities.

On Wednesday 13th November from 12:00-16:00 colleagues from over 20 organisations across the UK will join us as we share our ambitions for SIPHER. Over the next five years we will focus on understanding the system-wide impact of policies in four areas: housing, inclusive growth, mental wellbeing and adverse childhood experiences. At the launch we will hear from Policy Partners in Sheffield, Greater Manchester and the Scottish Government about what they hope SIPHER will deliver and some of the challenges they anticipate along the way. Our Research Partners will provide a beginners’ introduction to SIPHER’s interdisciplinary systems methods. They will also share current thinking on UK Health Divides and Inclusive Growth.

To find out more follow us @SipherC.