Inclusive Economy Participatory Systems Mapping

In November, we delivered two inclusive economy systems mapping workshops, the first with Sheffield City Council and the second with the Scottish Government and Clackmannanshire Council.

Both workshops were fully digital, so that we could bring together a wide range of stakeholders to build and review the systems map as it was being developed in real time using an online mapping platform.

To learn more about our mapping process and who was involved in our workshops see this presentation by our systems mapping lead Dr Mohammad Hassannezhad.

The emerging Clackmannanshire Inclusive Economy Map is already in use, for example informing Wellbeing Economy discussions with Clacks Council Members in early December.

If you’d like any more information about our systems mapping work, please contact Mo.

Consortium Growth

Over the past 3 months SIPHER has welcomed 10 new team members, taking our total SIPHER Family to 62! We are delighted to introduce:

  • Colin Angus, Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield
  • Anna Brook, Specialty Registrar in Public Health in Yorkshire and Humber
  • Ally Brown, PhD Student at the University of Strathclyde
  • Tarani Chandola, Professor of Medical Sociology at the University of Manchester
  • Rob Clay, PhD Student at the University of Leeds
  • Becky Field, Research Associate at the University of Sheffield
  • Kate Hayes, PhD Student at the University of Sheffield
  • Anna Macintyre, Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde
  • Kimberley Smith, Health Inequalities Policy Advisor for the Scottish Government
  • Hui Zhang, Research Associate at the University of Sheffield

For more information on our new colleagues see here.

Public Involvement in SIPHER

In SIPHER we work with community organisations in Sheffield, Greater Manchester and Scotland to set up panels of local people to scrutinise and shape our work. Our ‘Community Panels’ are made up of people disadvantaged by the kinds of inequalities that we are modelling. Over the past six months we have been developing these local partnerships and planning how best to move our workshops online, paying particular attention to making them digitally inclusive and accessible.

Our first ‘Community Panel’ in Scotland, hosted in partnership with Fife Voluntary Action, took place in October. We hope to launch our panels in Sheffield and Greater Manchester early in 2021.

Find out more on our website and through our blog.

SIPHER and SPHSU Podcast Series

We are collaborating with the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit (SPHSU) at the University of Glasgow to develop a new podcast series on complex systems science. We will launch the series in early 2021 with our inaugural conversation between Professor Petra Meier, SIPHER Director, and Dr Jo-An Atkinson, Head of Systems Modelling, Simulation & Data Science, and Co-Director of the Mental Wealth Initiative at the Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney.

More information to follow in January!

Recent Blogs

We are continuing to share SIPHER thinking on key topics of interest through our SIPHER Blog. Recent posts include:

To find out about our latest blogs as soon as they are released follow us on Twitter.

Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Our latest publications include:

All SIPHER publications are available on our website.