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Using online methods to find out what the public think about wellbeing

SIPHER’s Workstrand 6 (WS6) is all about understanding how members of the public value different policy outcomes.

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What is an inclusive economy – and how do you know if you’ve got one?

Ever since the concept of inclusive growth (or more commonly now, inclusive economy) started to gain traction in the UK, policy makers and analysts have been grappling with challenges of measurement.

Embedding researchers to help reduce health inequalities

By Mary Gogarty Mary Gogarty writes about her experience working as an Embedded Researcher for SIPHER in the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. This blog post (first published on the Social […]

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Is the problem inequality, however we label it?

By Ally Brown A few months ago in The Guardian, Aditya Chakraborrty argued that the common feature of food poverty, fuel poverty, period poverty and child poverty is just poverty, […]

Cascading effects in participatory systems mapping

By Mohammad Hassannezhad and Daniel Chedgzoy Cascading effects arise when an initiating cause in one part of the system has knock-on effects on other parts, due to interdependencies between them. […]

Does COVID-19 mean we should stop worrying about chronic diseases?

By Colin Angus The World Health Organization recently published their Global Health Estimates for 2019 with a news story that led on the fact that 7 of the top 10 […]

Why ‘Football Manager’ is a Complex Systems Model

By Ally Brown Before I discovered being a teenager, I played with a complex systems model every evening for hours on end, for weeks, for months. I wasn’t doing homework, […]

Public Involvement in SIPHER

By Ellen Stewart Patient and public involvement (PPI) in health research is a field of practice which has grown at pace, and is now understood as central to high quality […]

The Unequal Mortality Burden of COVID-19

By Colin Angus   The COVID-19 pandemic has had an almost unprecedented impact on mortality across the globe and the United Kingdom has been one of the worst affected countries, […]

Towards Joined-up Decision Making for an Inclusive Economy

By Lucy Gavens In September 2019, as the SIPHER Consortium officially launched, the Health Foundation published a report on the need for a whole-government approach to long-term investment in the […]