Public Engagement in SIPHER

SIPHER develops tools that policy makers – people working in local, regional, and national government – can use in decisions to tackle health inequalities and improve all of our health. We have created this short video to describe our work:

Our models include measures of how members of the public value different policy outcomes, which we develop using social surveys in Workstream 6, led by Aki Tsuchiya. This work helps us to take account of population perspectives on what is important.

However we also want to make sure that our research approaches are actively informed by people with lived experience of the policy areas we study. To achieve this, we have partnered with a local, community-based organisation working in each of the geographical areas we are researching, and who have experience of the policy issues we are studying.

We work with these partners to build Community Panels of local people who meet with our researchers regularly. We discuss our progress in the research with them, and ask their views on particular decisions about our research and our models. We hope that across the years of the programme, these Community Panels will actively challenge us to improve our research.

We are delighted to be working with:

  • Fife Voluntary Action’s Team Experience in Scotland
  • Manor & Castle Development Trust in Sheffield
  • Unlimited Potential in Greater Manchester

SIPHER’s public engagement lead is Ellen Stewart.

Public Engagement Partners